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Benefits of Using Google Amp: How Marketers Triumph

Posted by Thomas Habek | Jun 2, 2017 3:00:00 PM


Benefits of Using Google AMP: How Marketers Triumph


Your main marketing objective is to naturally draw attention to your company’s product or service. By publishing content your customers are interested in, you attract inbound traffic of curious prospects who are then converted into longtime clients.
According to MicKinsey & Company, 61 percent of users will not return to mobile sites they had problems accessing. Additionally, 40 percent of those users visit a competitor’s site instead.

As marketers, we now have the additional challenge of keeping readers on our site. After all, we want them to read the compelling content we create, convert them, then live happily ever after. Google may have the answer.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Amp is an open source project designed for publishers to create mobile friendly content, including ads that load fast and look great. Google’s objective with the initiative is to create faster, smoother websites. AMP spokesperson, Paul Bakaus, improves on the old saying, “content is king” by adding, “user experience is queen”. Publishers are no longer obligated to make a choice between monetization or ads versus user experience.

Google AMP accomplishes your marketing goals using three core components:
  • AMP HTML - HTML with new tag restrictions, resulting in increased loading speed and consistency.
  • AMP JS – Library of custom tags to guarantee a faster version of your page.
  • Google AMP Cache – Built in validation to ensure your page works.

Using AMP improves the user experience and increases ways to monetize by allowing publishers, programmers, and developers create beautiful, streamlined, wicked fast content while embracing the openness of the web.

Benefits of Google Amp
  1. Speed – Pages load lightning fast on mobile devices. Primarily, fast load time is the best benefit of using AMP. Readers will no longer abandon your content for a competitor’s.
  2. Rank – Mobile-friendly pages rank higher in search engine results.
  3. Improved Click Rates – AMP symbols are displayed in green in search results. Visitors will learn to click the green links and be rewarded with faster, consistent pages.
  4. Ad Support – Lower advertising expenses while increasing return on investment.
  5. Better Analytics – Visitor counts, both new and returning; video tracking; click rates, etc.

Google is currently narrowing their focus on a few key areas to further improve user experience. Recent priority areas are:

  • Format – e-commerce, customer engagement, and developer tools
  • Analytics – requirements for AMP ads; a new waitFor property to use alongside other triggers
  • Ads – auto refresh ads allow publishers to monetize more ads on the same number of pages

What do these benefits mean for you, the publisher? Faster page loading time means faster content with easier, more reliable access. Faster content for readers results in more content for readers. More content leads to more readers are reading more of your interesting content, recognizing your brand, and buying more of your products and services, telling their friends and family about your company, and everyone lives happily ever after.

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Written by Thomas Habek

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